Holocaust survivor in Toronto recalls real-life story behind 'The Zookeeper's Wife'

Toronto Star - ‎Apr 6, 2017‎

The extraordinary true story of a Polish couple whose zoo served as a refuge during the German occupation has been translated in the new film The Zookeeper's Wife, starring Jessica Chastain, which is now in theatres. It's based on the book of the same ...

Movie review: 'Zookeeper's Wife' captures a historical tale that still needs to be told

Paso Robles Daily News - ‎Apr 7, 2017‎

But this is a story many might not be familiar with. Director Niki Caro (“Whale Rider,” “North Country”) does a nice job of laying out the story. She makes the most of her cast and this true life story, helping bring the narrative to life. Chastain, a ...

Movie Scene: This One's A 'Keeper'

Journal & Topics Newspapers Online - ‎Apr 7, 2017‎

As with any true-to-life story about WWII and the Holocaust, it draws attention. This is a time that will never stop being re-told because new stories keep pouring out about some daring heroic act of bravery or survival that is so compelling, it ...

'The Zookeeper's Wife' tells riveting true story

Longview News-Journal - ‎Apr 5, 2017‎

In German-occupied Poland during the darkest days of World War II, a zookeeper and his wife managed to save the lives hundreds of Jewish people, many of whom were detained in the Warsaw Ghetto, by giving them shelter and refuge on the zoo grounds.

Interview: Diane Ackerman, Author of “The Zookeeper's Wife”

The Young Folks - ‎Apr 5, 2017‎

This rings especially true for stories about the Nazi's and the Holocaust because we have a resurgence of the same sentiment that led to one of the worst regimes in history. Diane Ackerman wrote a story based on real life historic heroes that remind us ...


Johnston Sun Rise - ‎Apr 7, 2017‎

(Holocaust film) We've seen many films about the Holocaust, many like this one that are based on a true story. ... Jessica Chastain plays Antonina Zabinski, the title character who devotes her life to providing sanctuary for Jews in her Warsaw zoo. She ...


Newport This Week - ‎Apr 6, 2017‎

Based on a true story by Diane Ackerman, “The Zookeeper's Wife” opens on the Edenic place inhabited by Jan and Antonina, a graceful villa on the grounds of the Warsaw Zoo. The house is connected to the zoo by underground tunnels, which the couple use ...